Color correction made easy

Get professional-looking results in a fraction of the time using TONEO's  perceptual color correction plugin.

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TONEO Prime demo video

TONEO instantly creates natural looking images with innovative controls making it the easiest color grading tool on the market while achieving the best results.

A new way to color grade

Get professional-looking results in a fraction of the time using our cutting edge adaptive transform. Our results outperform REC-709 LUTs
Easy to use, plug and play. Learn the software in minutes
Innovative parameters born from a decade of vision science give you intuitive controls to create superior images
Creators have the confidence that they are getting optimal results, even for challenging shots

TONEO Prime is a plug in compatible with Premiere Pro for Mac.  TONEO Prime will save you tons of color grading time. We will be rolling out versions for Adobe Premiere Windows, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve in the future, watch this space.

Instant export-ready, natural-looking grades

Original Camera LUT

Toneo Prime automatic transform
over the LOG original

TONEO Prime's human vision color model analyses your shot and instantly calculates the settings for a polished, faithful representation of the scene with natural colours, contrast and beautifully-preserved skin tones. From there, you can punch it up or dial it back in a matter of seconds.

Perceptual controls

Traditional grading controls like lift, gamma and gain as well as log-like shadows, highlights and contrast controls operate on fixed light-level zones. Most often, these don't tightly line up with where we perceive shadows, midtones and highlights to be, which varies wildly between low-key and high-key shots. Thanks to the image analysis performed on each shot, TONEO Prime's perceptual controls pivot around where the detail lies, providing you with precise and intuitive controls, true to your intent. The pivot can be modified at any point, leaving you in complete control and able to quickly deal with tricky lighting situations.

Lumetri highlights selection

Toneo Prime highlights selection

Lumetri shadows selection

Toneo Prime shadows selection

Fergus Hally
Dailies Colorist - Thor: Ragnarok

“TONEO cleanly represents the eye’s image processing”

Dane Scotcher
Freelance post professional

”TONEO gives me confidence because I am getting better results.”

Daniel Nganeko

“The automatic curve looks awesome this will save me a lot of time!”

Helping filmmakers create beautiful images

Quick to get going

Install TONEO Prime and get grading in minutes. You'll feel right at home with the controls.

A clean separation between contrast and saturation

TONEO Prime's internal colour processing ensures the perceived hue and saturation of colours are maintained as you adjust levels in the shadows, midtones or highlights so your adjustments don't leave you with unwanted colour side-effects that you then have to either correct or live with.

Watch an example here